The Battle For Washington D.C Is Lost, The Battle For America Has Just Begun

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   If you were watching with bated breath while the 60 senators sold America into slavery this week as I was, you are probably very disturbed.  Most political pundits either think the ruling party will pay a heavy price at the ballot box, or that we as a nation will largely forget what happened in the middle of the Christmas season by then.  I am here to tell you that it really doesn’t matter which of these two possibilities happen.

   Let’s say that the republicans get in and that they have the political courage to try to undo the travesties of the last year (an unlikely show of courage indeed).  The President will simply veto any such attempt, and the numbers of republicans elected next year will be wholly too few to override this (or even to eliminate the death panels, which will require a 2/3 vote by itself).  As I have often repeated, redress for the Federal Government’s abuses is not available from Washington D.C.

   We who believe in the Constitution have lost this battle. As long as we continue to look to the Federal Government our liberties will continue to erode.  Once someone goes to Washington D.C. they cease to be part of the populace, and if they ever do lose that job, they simply take their rolodex and get another cushy job at a lobbying firm where the contacts they made while in office are more valuable than gold.  As long as the Federal Government has as much power as is centered in Washington D.C. this will continue.

   It makes good economic sense for companies to hire people to bribe our politicians, to either get protection from the copious regulations or to try to get preferential treatment from the government.  If one only has to bribe one politician, they can advance their company’s fortunes vastly without any real business acumen.  If on the other hand the government left them alone, to be a business it would no longer make sense to bribe public officials.  As long as the Federal Government has such power, anyone we send to D.C will be corrupted and become part of the problem.
 Redress is only available at the state level.  Nullify these unconstitutional laws one at a time.  Without the states’ support in enforcing these unconstitutional mandates the Federal Government would have to let go of the laws, just as in real ID and medical marijuana.  Do you pay attention to your state officials at election time?  Send them the 10-4 pledge and pay attention to who is willing to sign.

   It is no surprise that politicians in D.C. think we will not stand for our rights, we haven’t in so long, but the time is now. State nullification is our only remaining tool that has the potential of rescuing our troubled republic.  Statistics of course don’t think what we are trying to do is legal, why should they? They believe all power and money flows from D.C. to the states. But the constitution tells a different story, and it is still the law of the land.  We lost the battle for D.C. by accepting promises of government security for 80 years, for this “security” we sell our rights one small step at a time.  It is time to win the battle for America by forcing our states to stand up to their out-of-control rottweiler in D.C.

In Liberty,
Tim Reeves (State Director/Oregon Tenth Amendment Center)

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