The Federal Dept. Of Education

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There are no teachers in the Federal Department of Education. This bureaucracy only takes resources from the education process.  In Oregon, as a state we spend $9257/year per student on education. In addition, the Federal Govt. taxes the citizens of Oregon $1500/year, per student, of which it returns $1000 in the form of block grants.  For the privilege of having the Federal Govt. absorb $500 per student, Oregon gets to be subjected to a host of  federal mandates to qualify for the “federal aid.”

Of the money the state takes in, the amount actually spent on educational activity is $5074- what happens to the rest of the money?  The rest is spent on compliance to federal mandates and a host of social costs associated with educating people who don’t speak English, to people with disabilities, to “hot lunches,” or to any number of other politically correct causes (not that I am arguing against those).  My main beef on this is with the Federal Dept. of Education.

I will defy anyone to show me the enumerated authority in the U.S Constitution which gives the Federal Government the power to regulate or in any way control education.  The Federal Dept. of Education does not educate; they simply take the money, (from the citizens of the several states), absorb 32% of it, and then return the rest along with a bunch of attached strings and red tape.  I could go into the individual mandates and requirements of the federal “grants,” but it would take too long for this article.  We have all heard the argument from Salem though, that the state must fully fund ‘this or that’ in order to get full matching funds from Washington D.C. These “free” monies (which were taken from our paychecks in the first place) are the reason the state priorities get messed up.  In essence, the Federal Govt. forces us to pursue priorities which are non-conductive to educating our children just to get our own money back from them.

If there needs to be a massive wasteful bureaucracy in the field of education, let it be in the state governments where it is most accountable to the citizens and communities.  Governments thousands of miles away (Washington D.C.) are no more appropriate of a place for determining the education of Oregonian citizens than are governments in Canada (which is BTW closer than D.C).
Let us all agree that the parents and communities where children are educated have the highest stake, and therefore should have the highest input to the education of their children.  Let us also agree that the Federal Govt. has no role in our childrens’ education (rather than to ensure it happens).

In Liberty,
Tim Reeves
Tim Reeves is the State Chapter Coordinator for the Oregon Tenth Amendment Center

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