Salt Restrictions Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

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Browsing the news recently, I came across this article :,2933,591285,00.html

Anyone who has been paying attention for the last few years had to expect that once the government is responsible for paying your health care costs, your lifestyle (in all respects that affect your health) becomes a public affair.  That’s the rub. I tried to figure a personal behavior of mine or a decision I make that has no impact on my health (and thus the Public Treasury).  I was unsuccessful. 

Limitations on salt make absolute sense to me (assuming the government owns me, and I just rent my body for the period that I am alive).  One paragraph from the article stands out: “U.S. researchers said in a recent study that working with the food industry to cut salt intake by nearly 10 percent could prevent hundreds of thousands of heart attacks and strokes over several decades and save the U.S. Government $32 billion in health care costs.”  How can me living a healthier (in these researchers’ opinion) lifestyle cause the U.S. Government to save health care expenses?  It’s very simple, they are paying for my health care (under Obamacare). Indeed, without some sort of socialized medicine, no controls on your behavior can be justified fiscally.

Since we have established the fact that most civil liberties infractions (controls on your personal behavior that is harmful to no one but yourself) are justified to lower costs to the public, lets add that we have had a huge component of socialized medicine even before Obamacare.  Examples of this include, but are not limited to:  Medicaid, Medicare, Medicare part D, Guaranteed emergency room care, etc…  Indeed, before Obamacare, fully 50% of medical care was at government expense. Without these programs, someones health would be there own business.  Not one cent would come from my tax dollars to pay for cancer treatment for a smoker.  No money would be spent out of the public coffers to pay for surgery for motorcyclers who were too stupid to wear their helmets.

Every time you are pulled over for failure to wear a seat-belt, blame socialized health care.  Every tax dollar you pay to go skydiving, blame socialized health care.  In a very real sense, by passing Obamacare, laws restricting your private behavior will be required to pop up frequently.  Maximum levels of fat and calorie content at restaurants is one area I expect to see some new restrictions, these just sound to the busy-bodies in Congress to make sense (for our own good).  The one I am waiting for is a mandatory structured exercise; anyone see 1984?  This bill is a monstrosity! Any freedom you cherish is at risk as long as the Federal Government has been given the authority to treat you as property.

I mentioned this in several blogs before Obamacare passed.  Surely it is obvious to the most naive that Government responsibility for health care spending = Government controls on behaviors that effect your health.  Salt is just the tip of the iceberg.  But lets also view some of the other (unintended but obvious) consequences of transforming the entire medical system into a third-party (Government) payer system.
With an additional 30 million patients and no new doctors or equipment, demand will skyrocket. Yet without a commensurate increase in profitability, no new capacity will come online to accommodate this increase in demand.  This supply-demand mismatch will cause a continuous hyperinflation in health care that will first bankrupt health insurers and then the U.S. Government.  Citizens’ civil liberties will be further curtailed by the mandatory insurance requirement (which smacks of a Poll Tax). 

This mandatory purchase of health care just to be alive -or face a fine- is a very real infringement on your rights.  The increased tax levels due to the supply-demand mismatch I mentioned earlier will be even more draconian than what is already required to pay our 107 trillion in unfunded liabilities already (no that is not a misprint, our government already owes a surreal amount of money and just wants to keep digging).  This is not even to mention the illegality of this law.  I know I’ve said this before, but nowhere in the text of the Constitution is the authority to legislate on the matter of health care (much less take over the entire industry).

If any bill needed an urgent nullification, it is Obamacare.  Every thinking person who has survived public education and still has the capability to think critically needs to contact their State Legislator, and demand that they pass the following bill:

For those of you who are unfamiliar with nullification, this is when a State Government makes a federal law null void and of no force.  By doing this, the state fulfills their role as the constitutional enforcement branch of our federal system.  If we act in the vein of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison we may still be able to save our state, or maybe if enough states act, the entirety of the United States.

In Liberty,
Tim Reeves
Tim Reeves is the State Chapter Coordinator for the Oregon Tenth Amendment Center.

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4 Responses to “Salt Restrictions Just The Tip Of The Iceberg”

  1. I have to point out the reason that people can't afford medical care on an out of pocket basis, is because the federal govt. interference in the system. Before the Obamacare debate fully 50% of healthcare costs came where paid by the deep pockets of DC, and another huge percentage by very large corporations (insurance companies) when that percentage of the population is in effect consuming someone elses money, inflation is the natural result. Before we had medicare, and medicaid private charities took care of these things (and much more effectively I might say). If government was the primary cause, how is adding more government going to be the solution?

  2. Kenji Li says:

    I liked the 1984 reference; a mandatory structured exercise seems like something the federal government would find a reason to make us do, so long as they were paying our health bills. I can't, in good conscience though, be as vehemently opposed to this bill. There really are people out there who actually need government funded healthcare, people who desperately need medicine and health treatment but simply can't afford insurance or are denied due to previous conditions.

    If there were just some way to give it to people who need it without the system being exploited and obligatorily withdrawn from the tax payer's wallet, right?

  3. Kathy TeStrake says:

    This is excellent information, thanks for sharing it! All the years I've listened to Limbaugh, have provided me with so many insights about this very topic. Too bad more Americans can't look beyond thinking they're going to get something for free! The real beat down comes when the results of Obama's agenda to transform America shines right in the eyes of the fools who voted him in.

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