All Those in Favor of the Constitution Being Named our Leader Say "I"

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Came across an article by Thomas Friedman …which is offensive to me because I believe in the Tea Party, and do not believe it needs to be lead.  Combine this with other sentiments I have heard from other bloggers lamenting that no single leader has emerged from the abyss to lead the two-year-old bloodless Revolution which we have going right now, and I thought I should weigh in on the subject.
First things first, let me disassemble this article, so no one needs give it another thought.  I will post his comments in italics and mine in bold. Also, to save space and time I will only post the parts of his article I’m responding to:

“The Tea Kettle movement can’t have a positive impact on the country because it has both misdiagnosed America’s main problem and hasn’t even offered a credible solution for the problem it has identified. How can you take a movement seriously that says it wants to cut government spending by billions of dollars but won’t identify the specific defense programs, Social Security, Medicare or other services it’s ready to cut — let alone explain how this will make us more competitive and grow the economy?”

I think the “Tea Kettle” movement, which he refers to the revolt against big government spending as, makes it very clear that we need to cut spending. I think he just may be too dense to understand that we mean all unconstitutional spending by the Federal Government.

“And how can you take seriously a movement that sat largely silent while the Bush administration launched two wars and a new entitlement, Medicare prescription drugs — while cutting taxes — but is now, suddenly, mad as hell about the deficit and won’t take it anymore from President Obama? Say what? Where were you folks for eight years?”

You can’t argue with him on this one- but we can answer it.  When the preceding presidents were over-spending and/or doing the same things as Obama, it was on a much smaller scale as to be pretty much unnoticeable.  When Obama came into office he upped the ante so high that the frog jumped out of the frying pan (especially when some of the people who voted for Obama believed his lies about lowering the deficit).

“The important Tea Party movement, which stretches from centrist Republicans to independents right through to centrist Democrats, understands this at a gut level and is looking for a leader with three characteristics. First, a patriot: a leader who is more interested in fighting for his country than his party. Second, a leader who persuades Americans that he or she actually has a plan not just to cut taxes or pump stimulus, but to do something much larger — to make America successful, thriving and respected again. And third, someone with the ability to lead in the face of uncertainty and not simply whine about how tough things are — a leader who believes his job is not to read the polls but to change the polls.”

The preceding paragraph is the most offending one I have seen. The elitists of our country have been trying to get the Tea Party to “pick a side” and assimilate via a leader since the movement started.  Well I believe we have a leader already, but the politicians in DC choose to ignore our leader.  That leader is the Constitution of the United States, and we need to follow wherever it leads.  We need to keep insisting on unwavering loyalty to this leader until our actual leaders in DC do the same.

“Leadership today is about how the U.S. government attracts and educates more of that talent and then enacts the laws, regulations and budgets that empower that talent to take its products and services to scale, sell them around the world — and create good jobs here in the process. Without that, we can’t afford the health care or defense we need.”

So, in his opinion our salvation seems to be layering more regulations and taxes on top of our already bloated, and contrary to liberty stance right now… anyone buying this crap?

A few weeks after reading that article, I found another of my friends on a blog posting a self-described ‘rant’ about “where are the Thomas Jeffersons and John Adams’ for him to follow in our “revolution?”  I hate to answer like this- but there was no one leader in 1776. It was a combination of many people, all of whom were doing their own small (or large) part. That revolution (like ours) had no one real leader.  We have to be the energy, and we have to provide the leadership as individuals.

Not only was there no leader in 1776 there cannot be a single leader in this sort of movement. If there was but one leader, s/he would be of the Fascist/Communist type …for only a statist believes that he knows best and that he should choose for everyone in society.  Those of us who would follow the Constitution on these things believe (with few exceptions) that even on the things that merit State action for all, it should only apply to 1/50th of the society.  The few exceptions would be the things specifically enumerated to the Federal Government in the Constitution, IE., War Peace, Interstate Commerce, Foreign Commerce, etc..  These things we will allow the Federal Government unchallenged control of (within the initially agreed upon terms spelled out in the Federalist/Anti-federalist papers and Ratification Conventions of the States).  This is the leadership we in the Tea Party movement have, we don’t need more.

Any single leader or Party representation could never adequately move our agenda forward.  We have too many grievances and priorities for one ‘party’ to fully encompass- for instance, if we were to assimilate into the Republican Party we could never get them (the Republican party) to accept the Federal Government being barred from waging an unrestricted war on drugs, or to allow individual States to make laws regarding gay marriage (or other social issues).  Any leadership would undoubtedly miss the issues which are vital right now, I am thinking about stopping the Tea Party moniker, and just call this the American People, we are they, and they are we.
So how bout it who is with me?  All those for naming the US Constitution our leader say “I.”


In Liberty,
Tim Reeves
Tim Reeves is the State Chapter Coordinator for the Oregon Tenth Amendment Center.

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