HB2796 Oregon Firearms Freedoms Act To Do List (Revised):

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HB2796 Oregon Firearms Freedoms Act To Do List:


The Oregon FFA goes to the House Judiciary first. Here are the E-mail addresses/phone numbers for all of the members of that committee, they need to hear from us.

Name                                                    E-mail                                   Phone number(s)
Rep. Matt Wand                  rep.mattwand@state.or.us                        503-986-1449
Rep. Andy Olson                 rep.andyolson@state.or.us          541-967-6576/503-986-1415
Rep. Carolyn Tomei            rep.carolyntomei@state.or.us      503-653-5180/503-986-1441
Rep. Chris Garrett               rep.chrisgarrett@state.or.us         503-210-2474/503-986-1438
Rep. Gene Whisnant           rep.genewhisnant@state.or.us                  503-986-1453
Rep. Jeff Barker                  rep.jeffbarker@state.or.us                        503-986-1428
Rep. Mary Nolan                 rep.marynolan@state.or.us         503-221-4999/503-986-1436
Rep. Mike Schaufler           rep.mikeschaufler@state.or.us    503-760-4446/503-986-1448
Rep. Wally Hicks                rep.wallyhicks@state.or.us                      503-986-1403
Rep. Wayne Krieger           rep.waynekrieger@state.or.us      541-247-7990/503-986-1401

Aside from calling/writing/emailing these people frequently, (letting them know that you support this important legislation and that you want them to move it to the floor for a vote), you can also contact your Representative and insist that they co-sponsor this bill with Rep. Thatcher.

Remember – Politicians need us to provide them with the necessary fortitude to stand up to the Feds.
The justification(s) you could use when suggesting this bill is/are the 2nd amendment says the federal govt. may not legislate on the subject of individual rights to bear arms, and thus any federal regulations that this bill would cancel are unconstitutional, you could point out that this bill could encourage the growth of  firearms manufacturing industry within our state.  You could make the argument which are implicit in the bill that the firearms covered by the bill are not “interstate commerce”, and thus outside the Federal govt.s scope.  Whatever you say make sure to let the legislature know that we support this bill.

What this bill does is simple, it makes it illegal for the Federal govt. to regulate firearms which are made, purchased, and retained within the state of Oregon (one would think that the 2nd amendment would do that for us, but the Feds disagree).

In Liberty,
Tim Reeves
Tim Reeves is the State Chapter Coordinator for the Oregon Tenth Amendment Center

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